Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery/Nose Job)

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If you are not satisfied with the size or shape of your nose, or how your nose has changed with age, or if your nose has been deformed by injury, Dr. Mitchell Kaye may recommend rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. Even a minor change in the shape of the nose can noticeably enhance your overall facial appearance.



*Treatment results may vary.
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I chose Dr. Kaye because of his professionalism. What sets him apart is his patience and ability to convey a complex procedure. The staff really cares about me and cares about what I’d like out of my procedure. My confidence has raised since my procedure. My results are 1000 times more than I would’ve expected.

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What is it?

A Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, is a surgery to create a more symmetrical nose, create facial balance, and correct proportion.

Is a Nose Job right for me?

Do you want to:
– Correct the shape of the nose
– Remove a bump or break in the nose
– Create a more symmetrical appearance and profile
– Create balance in the size of the nose to the overall face

What will Dr. Kaye and I discuss during my consultation?

Before your nasal surgery, you will meet with our plastic surgeon to discuss your expectations and goals for the procedure. In addition, Dr. Mitchell Kaye will carefully examine your nose, both internally and externally. Our goal with rhinoplasty is to artfully improve the nose and to enhance the balance of the nose with other facial features. We will consider any functional goals as well, in addition to factors like ethnic background, age, and skin type.
For our young patients who are considering nose surgery, it is important to note that full growth must be reached (typically around the age of fifteen or sixteen) before the nose is altered. Certain exceptions may be made if the patient’s breathing is severely impaired. As part of the discussion on your options for surgery, Dr. Mitchell Kaye will explain how the nasal structure, including cartilage and bone, can be reshaped to change the appearance of the nose.

How long is the procedure?

The rhinoplasty surgery typically lasts approximately two hours and is performed in our IMQ accredited cosmetic surgery center located at the ACSC of KY.
Rhinoplasty is typically performed under general anesthesia; however, smaller procedures can be completed with deep sedation and local anesthesia. For the most part, the incisions are inside the nose and are therefore hidden.

How long will recovery take?

Recovery for nasal surgery is several weeks, although most patients return to work or school after just a week or so. Many of our patients are happily surprised because there is generally far less swelling, pain, or bruising with a typical rhinoplasty performed by our plastic surgeon than most patients expect. In a number of cases, chin augmentation is combined with nose surgery to help further enhance the balance of the patient’s profile.
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