The Art of a Beautiful Body and Face

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of patient satisfaction and service at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky. With his background and extensive continuing education, Dr. Mitchell Kaye has a wealth of knowledge he has gained through study at many of the best medical institutions in the country.

In order to pursue his commitment to his patients and his art, Dr. Mitchell Kaye has taken many different opportunities to study and become further certified as a cosmetic surgeon. When he was asked about the importance of constantly learning about and evaluating new developments in cosmetic surgery, he said “My medical and surgical skills have evolved through daily practice, constant self-evaluation, and recurrent training. It is important to accept new techniques when they are truly superior and avoid fads or gimmicks that have not withstood the test of time.”

One of the most important aspects of cosmetic enhancement is a trusting relationship between the patient and the physician. Which is why, before any procedure is begun, Dr. Kaye will have a full consultation with the patient, focusing on their goals and desired results. He stated “I feel that really listening to a patient’s needs and goals is a crucial part of the partnership between the physician and patient. This is an ongoing process throughout the length of the relationship and must be pursued by both parties.”

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. Both surgical and non-surgical services are offered, and non-surgical services can be done in our office on the day of the consultation.

For over 25 years, Dr. Mitchell Kaye has served this area providing outstanding medical care. He “built [his] cosmetic surgery practice around the principles of communication, surgical skill, and up-to-date techniques.” Come to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky to meet your cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Kaye. You can contact us at 866.234.0470.