Reducing the Appearance of Dark Spots with Skin-Brightening Cream

Sun exposure and the natural processes of aging can often create dark spots on your face, hands, and shoulders. This is the result of a process known as hyperpigmentation, which causes excess melanin production in your skin’s epithelial cells. In some locations, these dark spots can form in significant concentrations.

Since these dark spots slowly develop over a long period of time, they can become permanently embedded in the skin. Here at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky, we offer products and procedures that can reduce the dark spots, which will give you youthful-looking skin.

There are a few different skin-brightening creams that we might recommend, depending on your personal goals. Some of the most effective brands use a glycolic-acid base and prescription grade Retin-A to also increase your skin’s natural exfoliation process. For maximum exfoliation, your surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Kaye, can also perform a microdermabrasion procedure.

If you have concerns about dark spots on your face, hands or other parts of the body, please feel free to call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky at 866.234.0470 to schedule a consultation regarding skin-brightening cream in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We look forward to helping you regain the clear skin you enjoyed in your youth.