Reducing the Appearance of Dark Spots

The natural processes of aging and unprotected or insufficient protection from sun exposure can lead to dark spots appearing on your face, hands, shoulders, and upper chest. Sun exposure on these areas encourages a process known as hyperpigmentation, where excess melanin forms dark pigmentation areas in the skin’s epithelial cells.

In many cases, these dark spots emerge over time, which deeply embeds the pigment in the skin. Fortunately, Dr. Mitchell Kaye offers products and procedures that can help reduce their appearance or possibly prevent future dark spots from forming.

Using a skin brightening cream to reduce the appearance of dark spots is a common first step. At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky, we offer some highly effective skin brightening creams, many of which use a glycolic acid base and Retin-A to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

In many cases we will advise you to use these skin brightening creams in concert with exfoliation cream or exfoliated pads. You might want to also ask about a microdermabrasion procedure for further exfoliation.

If you have dark spots on your face, hands or other parts of the body and you would like to explore your skin brightening options, you should call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky at 866.234.0470 to schedule a consultation.