Stimulating Exfoliation Reduces the Appearance of Skin Aging

The natural process of aging causes many changes in the body. One of the most noticeable problems is when decreased exfoliation and collagen production cause skin aging on your face. This reduces the rate at which old skin cells are replaced by young, healthy skin cells. This often results in wrinkles and sagging in key locations on the face. Here at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky, there are several ways we can help you stimulate exfoliation and reverse skin aging.

This might start with the use of a high-quality skin cream that is fortified with retinol and prescription-strength Retin-A skin care products. These agents are known to encourage the natural process of exfoliation to reduce the appearance of skin aging and help restore the youthful look of your face.

If you’re not satisfied with your results from a retinol cream, your cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Kaye, might suggest a prescription Retin-A fortified skin cream. Retin-A can sometimes lead to skin dryness, so it needs to be prescribed and your surgeon will want to periodically monitor your progress.

Microdermabrasion is a special type of exfoliation treatment that stimulates a significant amount of exfoliation. It involves using a cylindrical glass wand with aluminum oxide crystals to hyper-stimulate exfoliation and open pores. This also has the added benefit of clearing up chronic acne problems.

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