What Happens During a Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfer, also known as lipo-filling or fat grafting, is a technique where a person’s fat deposits are whisked away from unwanted areas to regions where extra fat can add volume, bounce, and fullness. This is a decades-old aesthetic procedure that is used for filling in sunken areas of the face, including wrinkles and injury and acne scars.

What Is a Facial Fat Transfer?

This treatment is a fantastic alternative to shorter-lived injectable procedures whose effects last only months until they need reapplication and re-administration. Facial fat grafting is incredibly long-lasting with far more dramatic results, as long as the treatment is administered by a skilled and reputable medical professional.

Fat from the body contains revitalizing stem cells, which are capable of transforming into any different type of cell the body demands. Because the treatment makes use of the patient’s fat stores, it is a safe and reliable process that has a drastically reduced risk of allergic reaction and rejection by the body.

What Happens During Facial Fat Grafting?

During a consultation with Dr. Kaye, you will be able to discuss your aesthetic needs and goals for the procedure. As long as you have an excess of fat and a stable weight, Dr. Kaye can move forward with the surgery.

First, local anesthesia with sedation is used to numb the treatment regions and ensure patient comfort. Incisions of 3-5 mm are placed at the target site, typically the stomach, thigh, buttocks, or love handles.

A cannula is used to remove excess fat through the incisions. Care is taken to ensure that the extraction causes the least-possible damage to the fat. A suction mechanism might be used to remove the fat, which is an exceedingly gentle process used in cases where the fat is deemed too delicate.

When the extraction is complete, the fat is then processed via centrifuging, rinsing, and filtering, leaving it purified and ready for injection.

The tissue is then evenly distributed into the target sites using delicate and slow injections. The injections are dispersed to make sure each dose of injected fat is surrounded by healthy and strong tissues on each side. This enables proper blood flow and nutrition to the transferred fat cells.

The surrounding tissues will ensure that the newly injected fat is safely, quickly, and effortlessly acclimatized into the surrounding area. This process is repeated for an hour or so, depending on the size of the target area.

After the Facial Fat Transfer

There will be minor tenderness in the treatment areas for a few days, and rest is a must to allow the new fat cells to settle into their new homes.

After a few months, the results you see are the results you will permanently have, since the new fat will have successfully integrated into your body. The injected fat is now part of your usual facial structure and comes with the long-lasting benefits of reduced wrinkles and new youthful volume.

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Facial fat grafting is improving the lives of millions every year. To find out more about this effective filler technique, contact Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye, a skilled and experienced surgeon. Schedule your consultation today.