Why Do My Eyelashes Keep Falling Out, and What Can I Do About It?

As we age, we use so many different kinds of eye makeup and eye products and cosmetics. Eyeliners, eye shadow, mascara, false lashes – the list goes on and on. This has the unfortunate effect of damaging our eyelashes and their natural growth.

Allergies, sickness, diseases, eye problems, hormonal disorders, genetics, age, and many other factors can also cause our eyelashes to fall out, making our lashes look very scarce.

We would all love to have thick, long, lush, and beautiful eyelashes without having to constantly apply coats of dry and lumpy mascara. With Latisse, we can finally get the healthy and lovely lashes we deserve.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription cosmetic product made of 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. Bimatoprost is a chemical solution for the eye and is used to treat conditions like eyelash hypotrichosis (lash loss and damaged lashes).

Latisse is perfect for you if you have eyelashes that are falling and thinning. Not only can it can help prevent your lashes from falling out, it can make them grow back thicker, longer, and darker. It can also help to fill in gaps to make your lash line fuller.

Precautions to Take While Using Latisse

Latisse has to be applied only at the base of your upper lashes and should never be applied to the lower eyelids. While applying Latisse, make sure to be very careful and apply it only on the upper eyelid lash line. Otherwise, hair may start to grow outside the area of treatment.

If you have any kind of eye problems or have undergone eye surgery before, discuss these with Dr. Kaye during your consultation. If you are currently on any prescription eye products or medications, tell Dr. Kaye, as these could potentially interfere with or reduce the effectiveness of Latisse.

How to Use Latisse

Latisse is to be applied once a night every night. First, make sure that your face is thoroughly cleansed. Remove contact lenses if you wear them, along with all makeup.

The packaging comes with a sterile disposable applicator. You must use only this tool to apply Latisse. Apply just one drop of Latisse solution to the upper eyelid. Apply it evenly along the entire margin of the upper lash line in a slow and careful manner.

Make sure that there is no runoff and that the solution does not enter the eye. Use a tissue or a piece of cotton to dab away any excess Latisse solution or runoff along the upper-eyelid margin.

The sterile applicator should be disposed of after one use and should not be reused. You must follow the same procedure for your other eye with a new sterile applicator.

Come In to Learn More About Latisse

Latisse can restore eyelashes to their former glory. If you would like to learn more, experienced surgeon Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye will be happy to discuss Latisse with you during a consultation at our office. To schedule a consultation and ask any questions that you may have, contact us today.