Neck Lift

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During their 30s, many men begin to notice the signs of aging in their face, and as time passes, these signs become more pronounced. One of the most common signs of aging is looseness in the skin in the chin and neck area. Other problems include jowls, excess fatty deposits under the chin, and prominent muscle “bands” in the neck. Weight gain and weight loss cycles can worsen this problem. If you have noticed these signs of aging, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. If the upper facial area still appears pleasing and youthful, Dr. Mitchell Kaye may recommend a neck lift, which is also called neck contouring.



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What is it?

During a neck lift, our plastic surgeon removes the excess skin and fat from the neck and chin areas and tightens the neck muscles in this area. This should result in a natural, smooth, and long-lasting improvement. A neck lift can also help to reduce wrinkling in the neck skin, eliminate a double chin, and reduce jowl lines.

Is a Facelift right for me?

Do you answer have one or more of the following:
– Loose neck skin
– Excess fat and skin relaxation in the lower face, creating jowls
– Muscle banding in the neck, creating abnormal contours
– Excess fatty deposits under the chin

What will Dr. Kaye and I discuss during my consultation?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Mitchell Kaye, we will focus on your medical history and your goals. This appointment will include a discussion of your medical history, your desires, and your expectations for the procedure.
In your consultation, Dr. Mitchell Kaye may suggest a neck lift in combination with another plastic surgical procedure, such as a facelift, liposuction, fat transfer, or chin implant.

How long is the procedure?

The neck lift procedure typically takes an hour to an hour and a half in surgery. The procedure is performed under deep sedation and thorough local anesthesia at our IMQ accredited cosmetic surgery center located at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky. The patient is then discharged home, and recovery is quick.

How long will recovery take?

You should plan to be home for about one week after the procedure for recovery. During this time, it is best to have no work or social obligations to allow you to rest. Sutures are removed after one week, and most men resume their normal daily activities and work after 7-10 days.