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Breast Augmentation HopkinsvilleFor many women, the goal of beautiful and attractive breasts is achievable with the help of breast augmentation using breast implants. This cosmetic procedure in Hopkinsville is performed routinely by Dr. Mitchell Kaye at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky.

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, can restore breast volume lost during pregnancy or weight loss, add fullness and shape to the breasts, or simply enlarge smaller breasts to a size that a woman feels is right for her.

If you have been considering breast augmentation in Hopkinsville, Dr. Mitchell Kaye and his friendly staff of breast augmentation experts will assist you with every step and decision point along the way to a beautiful breast result that is right for you.

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Breast Augmentation Results Hopkinsville KY


Breast Augmentation Results Hopkinsville KY

*Treatment results may vary.
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Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Is breast augmentation right for me?

To achieve our goals of beautiful breasts with breast augmentation, Dr. Mitchell Kaye stresses the following:

  • Can you define your desired result, or more simply, do you know what you want to look like after breast augmentation? Checking out our Before and After Gallery is a great place to start.
  • Are you in good health?
  • Do you have an issue that will be corrected by breast augmentation? These include:
    • Breasts that are too small
    • Breasts that never developed fully
    • Breasts that are uneven in size or shape
    • Loss of volume with age, weight loss, pregnancy, or nursing
  • Are the goals achievable and realistic?

What will I learn during my consultation with Dr. Mitchell Kaye at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky?

Dr. Mitchell Kaye and his staff take pride in their consultations with you. We see consultations in our offices in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Clarksville, Tennessee. We truly enjoy meeting new patients, and because we appreciate your choice at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky, we will never rush our time with you.

During your consultation, we will discuss your complete medical history, including any past procedures, any medications or supplements you are currently taking, and any allergies.

We will discuss your aesthetic needs and goals for the breast augmentation procedure. This will ensure that we can create a surgical plan that will help to effectively achieve these goals.

We will do our best to answer all of your questions and then give you experienced advice regarding the best choices for you. Expect to spend about an hour or so with us. We also will gladly answer questions by phone or email that you “think of after I left.”

What choices will I need to make before my breast augmentation procedure?

  • Saline or silicone implants: We will do our best to answer all of your questions and then give you experienced advice regarding the best choices for you. Expect to spend about an hour or so with us. We also will gladly answer questions by phone or email that you “think of after I left.
  • Gummy bear implants: You may be interested in choosing gummy bear breast implants. These popular form-stable implants do not leak when ruptured, since they are filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel.
  • Location of incision: Dr. Mitchell Kaye offers three possible incision placement options: beneath the breast (inframammary), around the areola (peri-areolar), and through the armpit (trans-axillary).
  • Implant position: Implants can be placed above or below the pectoralis muscle.
  • Size of implant: We measure you carefully during your consultation and will then give you sizer implants to try on under a special bra to allow you to choose the implant volume that works best for you. You can see a preview of your new shape!
  • Implant shape and profile: You will be able to choose between two implant shapes: round and teardrop-shaped (anatomical). Each offers its own benefits. Additionally, you will be able to choose low, moderate, moderate plus, high, or ultra-high profile breast implants. An implant’s profile refers to its projection from the chest wall.
  • Do I need a lift as well as a breast augmentation?: If a woman has breasts that have dropped below a certain point, an implant alone will not be sufficient. Implants add volume but do not “lift” a breast. However, there are lifting procedures (mastopexy) that can be combined with augmentation to give the best possible result. A breast lift with implants offers increased lift, volume, projection, and perkiness, and it only requires a single recovery period.

Each of these decisions is important and will be discussed in detail with you, in an individualized and patient manner by Dr. Mitchell Kaye and his staff. It’s not as complicated as it sounds! Some options will be better than others for you. Although the internet is a wonderful tool, it is not personalized to your needs. A consultation with us at Hopkinsville, KY will make this information much more understandable in a short time.

What is recovery like after breast augmentation surgery?

We recommend a week without work or social obligations after the procedure to encourage rest and proper aftercare. There is no “downtime” in bed, other than normal sleep, but we do encourage rest and relaxation.

Patients experience bruising and swelling in the breasts as a result of the procedure, but these will only be temporary. Ice packs can be used to ensure that the swelling is controlled, and patients will need to wear a supportive post-surgical bra for the healing tissues. The bra must not have been underwired, since this could potentially damage the tissues.

We see our patients at one week for recheck, and most people are back to work and daily activities thereafter. We give specific instructions regarding resuming gym workouts at that visit as well. At the scheduled six-week recheck, we see the final shape emerging as swelling ameliorates.

What will my breast augmentation results be like?

It is safe to say that many of our typical breast augmentation patients are some of the happiest in our practice. The fullness, shape, and volume of beautiful breasts enhance self-image and confidence. Lots of smiles all around! Please visit our before and after gallery.

What types of incisions are performed?

Three Basic Choices for the Incision to Perform Breast Augmentation

There are three basic choices for the incision to perform breast augmentation.


Each has its benefits, best applications, and disadvantages. Of course, these need to be reviewed with patients after a full physical exam, implant selection (saline or silicone), and placement above or below the muscle. Read more about Incision Options below.

INFRAMAMMARY INCISION – This is placed in the natural crease below the breast (inframammary crease or fold), if the crease is already in the correct position. Sometimes the crease needs to be lowered or less commonly, raised. In this case, it needs to be where the crease will be ultimately so it sits in the shadow of the breast. This incision is excellent for almost all breast surgery since it provides excellent exposure for the surgeon and can be used for saline or silicone implants of any size.

PERIAREOLAR INCISION – This is placed at the border of the areola (brown skin around the nipple) and breast skin. This camouflages this incision nicely and can provide access to saline or silicone implants. It can also serve to lift the areola for small lifting procedures as part of a crescent lift. It is always used during a major lifting surgery to move the areola and nipple to a new position. It might not be the best choice for a woman considering breastfeeding at a later date or if preserving sensation to the nipple and areola are of primary importance, although all of these incisions have a very low rate of sensory disturbance.

TRANSAXILLARY INCISION – This is placed in a crease in the armpit and keeps the incision off the breast completely and tends to be very hard to see after a few months. It is less ideal for exposure (working space for the surgeon) and it can be very difficult to place large silicone implants through this incision. Often combined with saline implants placed behind the muscle.

What does a breast augmentation cost at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky?

Our prices are inclusive; that is, they cover the cost of the consultation, surgery, anesthesia, and postoperative visits. Cost varies depending on numerous factors, including the techniques utilized during the surgery, the breast implants chosen, and the time required to perform the surgery.

Expert help with obtaining financing through CareCredit and United Medical Credit is part of our preoperative services. We also offer a cash discount. Breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons is never covered by insurance companies.


“Dr. Kaye and his entire staff have been nothing but kind to me from the start. I never felt pushed into a surgery, was never made uncomfortable, and he was honest about expectations, and I have been more than happy about my post-op results so far. I am so glad I went through with my BA after years of wanting it. I have zero regrets! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Kaye.”

Katie Rice

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Contact us right away to find out which type of breast augmentation in Hopkinsville, KY is right for you. Every woman is unique, so this is a very personal decision, and the experienced doctors at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky are here to assist you in determining the best treatment strategy for you.



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