Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

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Another way to restore the facial volume lost during the aging process, from weight loss, or for other reasons is fat transfer to the face. One of the hallmarks of youth and beauty is a smooth facial contour that is free of ridges, hollows, or deep valleys. In the fat transfer procedure, we take fat from the patient’s belly, arm, or hip and process it for injection. The fat is then artfully injected in tiny amounts, deep beneath the skin, to restore the lost contours of the face or to create ones that have never been present.


Sideview of a woman before fat transfer or grafting


Sideview of a woman after fat transfer or grafting

*Treatment results may vary.
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What is it?

FT is the ultimate in recycling. The patient provides their own facial filler material through liposuction of an area such as the tummy, thighs, inner knees or arms. This fat is then transferred through a tiny incision in the facial skin to restore volume to areas of volume deficiency. These areas occur with aging or may be genetically programmed in some people to be present all of their lives. Filling in hollows and restoring fullness and shape in the creases beneath the eyes, cheeks and folds around the nose and mouth are the common areas for transfer. This is a transfer of living tissue and the amount of fat available for transfer at any given time is much greater and much less expensive than commercial fillers. It also has the potential to last a number of years, although the precise amount of retained fat cannot be determined before the procedure. A second procedure to add additional fat may be necessary.

Is a Fat Transfer right for me?

A Fat Transfer can benefit anyone who is a candidate for facial fillers, except for the lips. It is particularly good for some patients undergoing facelift or other facial cosmetic surgery.

What will I discuss with Dr. Kaye during my consultation?

During your consultation with Dr. Kaye, he will listen to your goals, examine your face and donor areas and perform an appropriate history. The advantages of a Fat Transfer and the other options available to you will also be discussed.

How long does the procedure last?

The procedure, if done by itself, requires about 2 hours in our IMQ accredited cosmetic surgery center located at the ACSC of KY. This is an outpatient procedure and patients are discharged to home directly.

How long will recovery take?

Recovery from a Fat Transfer is quick although it is common to have bruising and some degree of swelling lasting up to 2 weeks, this varies widely from person to person. Discomfort is mild and easily controlled in most people. Final results may take several more weeks to see. Dr. Kaye will discuss other measures with you to minimize recovery time.
Ariel's Testimonial after Fat Transfer*Other patients’ results and experiences may differ from Ariel’s.

How Much Does Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting) Cost?

The cost of a fat transfer will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, allergies, medical complications, doctor’s fee and the total time needed to perform the surgery. Find out more by scheduling a consultation.

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