Dermal Filler Injections Can Be Used to Plump Sallow-Looking Hands

As you age, several significant changes occur in the body. Aging skin, a decrease in muscle mass, weight loss, and changes in body composition can cause your hands to take on a sallow appearance. One method of improving the appearance of large knuckles, textured veins, and apparent underlying hand bones is to have dermal filler injections at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky.

This can typically be performed in a single outpatient appointment. Dr. Mitchell Kaye will make a series of small injections with hyaluronic acid. This acid has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for safe use as a dermal filler.

The total duration of the dermal filler effect will vary depending on the volume injected and key lifestyle choices you make. Dr. Mitchell Kaye can help you understand any other aftercare requirements at the time of injection.

In the future, you will need to periodically come back in for more dermal filler injections. In time, you might also be interested in having Dr. Mitchell Kaye perform a more permanent hand rejuvenation treatment.

If you live in the Hopkinsville, Kentucky, area and you would like to improve the sallow appearance of your hands, you should call 866.234.0470 to set up a consultation at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky.