Go Gummy in 2018


It was a pleasure to be asked by Allergan® to be the first surgeon in our area to use the new Soft Touch, Generation 5 silicone implants.

Advantages of the Inspira® SoftTouch Implants

The major advantage of this new implant is the form stable shape that is produced by its silicone gel. That gives an advantage to women who need more volume in the upper part of the breast. Examples include a woman with ptosis (droop) or one who simply wants more fullness in the upper breast.

While most women will be best served by the generation 4 Inspira® implants, a smaller group may prefer the Generation 5 implant. It is also interesting to note that the Generation 5 implants have a slightly lower rate of leakage than the Generation 4’s.

Going Gummy

Please note that when you chose the newer implants they are slightly more expensive. However, the sizing process remains the same. At the ACSC we spend quite a lot of time measuring our patients and giving them the chance to “try on” a variety of different styles and shapes. It is important! Almost all our patients will be able to accurately pick out their size and implant style using our method of measurement and fitting.

Take the next step…

Dr. Kaye is excited to bring this advanced technology to our patients! For more information about Going Gummy with Natrelle® SoftTouch Implants call us at (866) 234-0470.