The Role of Eye Creams

These days the marketplace is overloaded with marketing messages claiming that their particular brand of eye cream will reverse the signs of aging around the eyes. This includes claims that their particular cream will tighten eyelid skin, remove dark circles while reducing puffiness or eye bags. The truth is most of these issues can only be completely resolved through procedures or various surgical methods. However, this does not mean that eye creams have no value.

The human eyelid is made up of a thin, yet delicate layer of skin. The eye creams we have available can gently exfoliate this type of skin, while avoiding irritation and reducing the chances of the eyelid skin drying out. In turn this helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even helps to stimulate new skin cell replenishment. Thus giving your eyes a more youthful appearance.

This same process can also be used to reduce the impact of crows feet at the corners of the eye and can even help with skin cell replenishment in the so-called bags, under your eyes.

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